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Hello, Now I will present some very useful and necessary grammatical question with an answer. I think this will help you a lot to get admitted into any popular Engineering universities in the world. This Question has been collected from engineering admission test of different largest engineering universities of the world. This is not only for any special country but also for worldwide students.

Question Bank-1: The correct indirect speech of –  “The boy said, “What a terrible storm is!”

Answer: The boy exclaimed with fear that it was a terrible storm.

Question Bank-2: The tag question of “congratulation on your brilliant success” is-

Answer: Don’t I?

Question Bank-3: which one of the following sentences is correct?

Answer: No one could elude from misfortune.

Question Bank-4: Which one has the correct meaning of the idiom? A sleeping partner’’

Answer: Inactive partner

Question Bank-5: Fill in the blank of the sentence “They won match hands—–

Answer: down

Question Bank-6: Speed money’’ means-

Answer: bribe

Question Bank-7: Fill in the blank of-“Everyone should have esteem———-religion”

Answer: for

Question Bank-8: The right form of the verb in the bracket of-“The match is (telecast) now.”

Answer: being telecast

Question Bank-9: Fill in the blank of –“Bashir—— for Dhaka the day after tomorrow.”

Answer: leaves

Question Bank-10: Choose the antonym for the word “Harbinger”

Answer: Wastrel

Question Bank-11: The correct sentence is-

Answer: Where is man’s post, where is his future?

Dear reader, now a day it is so hard to find out the 100% accurate and dependable grammar but this site undoubtedly dependable and 100% reliable for grammatical practice. Every answer to these questions is 100% correct. Because I’ve verified them a different way.

If you found any mistakes please inform me as soon as possible. You will get my contact details in the top menu bar.

Thanks for reading this post.

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