Best tips for Android phone

Use browser tabs

The typical Android browser offers tabbed browsing; it just doesn’t do a good quality job of advertising it. Long pressing a url gives you web links in a new window. You then switch tabs by pressing Menu and selecting the Windows option. Not that user responsive a method but it works. Just bear in mind that quitting to the desktop may automatically close the whole thing in the middle of a tab deep session.

Add a hotline to the Android Home screen

Make it simple on yourself by adding a direct Dial shortcut to the home screen if there’s one person you tend to call more than most wife, councilor or parole officer. Long-press on the background then pick Shortcuts then direct dial. To add the recent comparable of a big red telephone to your Home page that directly dials the one number with no messing approximately with the dialer or Contacts pages.

Multiple Gmail accounts in Android

Android 2.1 supports for several Gmail accounts. Add a new internet ID to your phone by opening the Gmail app then press Menu > Accounts > Add Accounts.

Turn off Google auto-suggest

Your Google searching will be speeded up quite considerably by turning off the web suggestions feature if your phones a bit on the entry level side of things. Having Google continually guessing what you are typing is good but can bring older phones crunching to a close down. Disable this attribute by heading to Settings > Search > Google Search Settings.

Alternate text fields

The Android stock keyboard can help if you are a grammar fetishist. Holding down a key brings up a hovering alternating text field for that letter with all the exceptional typescript required for correctly sending SMS messages to French and German people popping up.

Bypass Android slide unlock

You don’t need to glide the screen locker to fetch your phone out of stand-in. A twice press of your phone’s Menu key will also awaken it up, as far as your manufacturer hasn’t removed that attribute from its skin.

Shortcut to music playlists

It’s also possible to include a shortcut to that on the Home screen in a related fashion if you have setup a playlist for your music.

Unconfirmed deletions

Pressing Menu when in the Gallery, lets you switch off the removal verification conversation which could save lots of seconds off your photo managing times.

Lose non-essential fancy stuff

By binning the fancy animations speed up your phone and save a teeny amount of battery life. You can turn them back on again when you require making an impression an iPhone user. Find the toggles under Settings > Sound and Display > Animation.

More Android emoticons

It also works with the Android keyboard’s selection of smiley faces with a long-press on the smiley pull up loads more though there still aren’t sufficient miserable ones for our liking.

Install am Android file manager

The lack of technique to correctly control files on Android 2.1 is quite strange. Sure, you can erase photos and music from their apps but you’ll require one of the several file managers on the Android Market to mass delete things in comfort, PC style. Astro is a good and free one to start with.

Change Android auto-correct

If you have troubles with the Android keyboard auto correcting or only don’t like words completing and capitalizing themselves then the option can be altered in Settings – Language and Keyboard – Android Keyboard.

Set keyboard, from keyboard

This is another obscure feature. Long-pressing the 123 button on the standard Android keyboard brings up a keyboard settings page, where you’re capable to switch keyboards and fiddle with settings on the fly.

Manage your Android battery

Keeping track of the irregular scoundrel app is essential while it comes to making sure you have got adequate battery left for those abnormal occasions when you might really require making a phone call. The data composed by your phone and stored under Settings – About Phone – Battery use will tell you if one of your apps is staying on and beating your battery, letting you do the human thing and delete it.

Speak the Queen’s English

Go to Menu – Settings -Text to Speech – and tick the box to use your own settings. Now you’re capable to have an English pronunciation.

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