Car Battery Repairing tips

How to Fix and How to Replace

Car battery is prepared of lead plates divided by a sulfuric acid solution and water and some troubles that occur with these components can be preset. You have to investigate car battery repair before you come to a decision to fix your vehicle’s battery. So you have to gather the compulsory materials manually, including hand and a screwdriver, a hydrometer, eye protection, a hand-held multi-meter and distilled water because there is no such thing as a car battery repair kit. The car battery repairing tips will provide you the entire info you require to decide whether you need to replace it or you can repair the battery.

Electrolyte Maintenance: You can remove the battery caps on each of the electrolyte cells In order to ensure that the electrolyte levels in a car battery. If these are not filled then top them off with distill water. To determine the sulfuric acid concentrations in each cell use a hydrometer. It must read 1.215 to 1.28 and any reading less than 1.175 point to that sulfation. The procedure of sulfuric acid breaking down into additional chemicals has take place and the battery needs to replace.

Using the Multi-meter: To determine the battery’s output,  you should have use a multi-meter with both leads associated to the equivalent terminal on the battery. The voltmeter ought to read between 12.6 and 12.8 volts through the battery fully charged and the car off. By turning on the car take another reading. In this time it must be approximately ten volts. If this dimension is off, there is nothing that you can try in order to repair the battery. In the above circumstances you have to replace car battery. Thank you so much for your interest to my site. Please continue to reading another article.

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