Earning in studentlife besides study or education by learning freelancing

Freelancing in Studentlife

Earning money from the internet is now not a dream. It has reality even in studentlife. From this website you can learn how to earn money from the internet in studentlife. Although this website is especially for the students but everybody can learn from here.

There are many students who are very poor, if they follow my website they will be able to earn money by learning outsourcing or freelancing.

Condition: You must have-

  1. A computer or laptop
  2. Internet connection and
  3. Experience in English language

If you are not good at English then you can learn English from this website which I have already added.

You have to learn the proper freelancing method. You have to learn how you will get your earning money from your home. A few days ago only a few people knew about outsourcing/freelancing. They collect work from the internet and then done it by general people. Thus some businessmen earn thousands of dollars but you or we can’t do that because of the lack of knowledge.

In this website, I have written some methods of online income and given some instructions. I have also discussed about how to withdraw money from the internet. It is called payment method. You will also get the fake site list. So that,  you can become conscious about them. There is some website who gives so tempted offer before of work that they will catch you easily. Always be careful of them.

You will work and you will get money. This is the reality. If otherwise, then it’s not a legal way of income. Even your studentlife can be destroyed because proper guideline.

I am agreed with you that there are many source of earning from the internet but all ways are not so easy.  You must know which the best easy online job is and which hard online job is. Here you can’t be a millionaire overnight. It is not good to expect that.

You have to learn in proper way and in the right place. I have tried to give you such proper instruction of freelancing in this website. I have tried my best to help you.

The best online jobs for students

In order to do online job there is no need higher degrees from famous universities. The student of class five can do this job if he/she had proper guidelines. But it will be better for the college students. They can make extra money along with studying activities. But he/she have to take it as a part time job. There are a lot of companies and clients in the market who are looking forward to hire someone with great skills. Without having excellent skills no one can expect well job in online. Deciding to get an online job at spare time without affecting studies is undoubtedly a good sign of a student. Particularly college students have the capability of doing outsourcing and freelancing. Just they need inspiration and curiosity.

As you are a student so you know that, nowadays educational expenses are so high. In order to reduce the burden on guardian it would be better if you consider doing outsourcing or freelancing in case their salary is not sufficient for supporting your educational costs as well as other family consumption. Here I’ve come with the best collection of the best outsourcing jobs for the students.

There are different types of online jobs for students; I therefore listed few of them below to make it clear for you to start the right one according to your school or college schedule. Because the main purpose of a student is study and job is for subject. So I’m going to share only those types of jobs which can be done even being a busy student.

1st method: Freelance jobs

 Category: Writing

Sub category:

  1. Article writing
  2. All writing
  3. Blog post
  4. Product review
  5. Article for website/web content
  6. Article for Facebook post etc.
  7. Academic writing and research
  8. Easy Copy writing job
  9. Creative writing job
  10. Grant writing
  11. Technical article writing
  12. Editing
  13. Proofreading
  14. Resumes and cover letters writing
  15. Others writing


Article writing job is best for him/her who is expert in English Grammar. You must have creativity. You will get paid $3- $30 per article. Actually, price will depend on the length of article. I personally recommend this article writing job because it is related your study.

Category: Design and Creative


  1. All design and creative
  2. Photo and logo designing

If you are expert in Photoshop then this job is for you. Many companies and website owner will hire you to create their logo or others photos.

  1. Animation
  2. Graphics designing
  3. Audio production
  4. Illustration job
  5. Creating Presentations
  6. Voice talent
  7. Photography
  8. Video editing or video production
  9. Other designing and creative

Category: Translation job


  1. All kind of translations
  2. Legal translation jobs
  3. General translation job
  4. Technical translation jobs: its hard writing job.
  5. Medical translations jobs: It is not for all students.

Category: Admin support

Sub category:

  1. All admin support
  2. Online Data entry job
  3. Personal assistant which is known as virtual assistant
  4. Web research: It’s a very easy job
  5. Online Project management job
  6. Transcription job
  7. Other admin support

Category: Web/mobile/ software development

Sub category:

  1. All web development mobile and software development
  2. Desktop software development
  3. Mobile development job
  4. Web and mobile designing
  5. Ecommerce development
  6. Online Game dev
  7. Online Q&A and testing
  8. Product management
  9. Script & utilities
  10. Best Web development
  11. Other software dev

Category: Sales and marketing

Sub category:

  1. All sales and marketing
  2. Social media marketing or SMM
  3. Search engine marketing or SEM
  4. Search engine optimization or SEO
  5. Display advertising jobs
  6. Email and marketing automation job
  7. Public relations via online
  8. Marketing strategy jobs
  9. Lead generation: This is very easy job.
  10. Market and customer research
  11. Telemarketing and telesales: For this job you need sweet voice.
  12. Other sales and marketing

Category: IT and Networking

Sub category:

  1. All IT and networking
  2. Information security: Not easy job for all.
  3. Network and system administrator: It is easy only for the expert.
  4. ERP or CRM software: This is very hard Job.
  5. Database administration: It’s also hard job.

Category: Legal

This kind of job is not easy for all level students. You need to be expert for that area.

Sub category:

  1. All legal
  2. Paralegal service: This job is not for the general students.
  3. Intellectual property law: Need expert.
  4. Family law: Easy for law students.
  5. Criminal law Jobs
  6. Contract law jobs
  7. Corporate laws
  8. Other legal

Category: Data science and analytics

Without having good training and exact education qualification you can’t do this job. So, you can choice other easy jobs.

Sub category:

  1. All data science and analytics jobs.
  2. Quantitative analytics in online
  3. Machine learning via online
  4. Data mining and management job category
  5. Data extraction or ETL jobs
  6. Data visualization
  7. A/B testing: easy job for the expert only.
  8. Other data science and analytics

Category:  accounting and consulting

If you are the students of BBA, then it will be easy job for you. You also need Otherwise don’t waste time.

Sub category:

  1. All accounting and consulting
  2. Management consulting category
  3. Human resources category
  4. Financial planning jobs
  5. Accounting: easy job for BBA students.
  6. Others accounting and consulting

Category:  Customer service

Sub category:

  1. All customer service jobs
  2. Technical support category
  3. Other customer service jobs

Category: Engineering and architecture

Sub category:

  1. All engineering and architecture
  2. Product design category
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Interior design via online
  5. Electrical engineering
  6. Contact manufacturing category
  7. Civil and structural engineering
  8. 3D modeling and CAD: This is the best job for best students.
  9. Chemical engineering
  10. Architecture category
  11. Other engineering

2nd method: Blogging

3rd method: YouTube Channel

4th method: Sell stock photography

5th method: Affiliate marketing

6th method: Selling crafts on Etsy

7th method: Designing T-Shirts

8th method: Online Tutoring jobs

9th method: Data entry online jobs

10th method: Online survey job for students

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