English Grammar Practice for Engineering Admission Test Preparation

Hello, Now I will present some very useful and necessary grammatical question with answer. I think this will help you a lot to get admitted into any popular Engineering universities in the world. This Question has been collected from engineering admission test of different largest engineering universities of the world. This is not only for any special country but also for worldwide students.

Practice No- 1: The correct sentence is-

  1. Blessed be your face. (Answer)
  2. Blessed be your soul
  3. Blessed be your mouth
  4. Blessed be your heart

Practice No-2: The correct sentence is-

  1. I would rather die than beg. (Answer)
  2. I rather die than beg.
  3. I would rather die then beg.
  4. I will die rather beg.

Practice No-3: Choose the correct antonym of the word “cool”

  1. Hot
  2. Uncool
  3. Warm (Answer)
  4. Chill

Practice No-4: The correct form of verb- “had I been a king, I help the poor”.

  1. Had I been a king, I would have helped the poor. ( Answer)
  2. Had I been a king, I had helped the poor.
  3. Had I been a king, I helped the poor.
  4. Had I been a king, I would helped the poor.

Practice No-5: He is very weak and he cannot walk. (Make it simple)

  1. He is weak to walk.
  2. He is too weak to walk. (Answer)
  3. He is very weak to walk.
  4. He is too weak to walk.

Practice No-6: Choose the correct sentence.

  1. Weather is changing slowly.
  2. Weather is changing normally.
  3. Weather is changing day by day. (Answer)
  4. Weather is changing by force.

Practice No-7: Select the correct change of- “His conduct shocked me.”

  1. I was shocked by his conduct.
  2. I was shocked at his conduct. (Answer)
  3. I am shocked at his conduct.
  4. I am shocked for his conduct.

Practice No-8: what king of noun the word “Clergy” is?

  1. Proper
  2. Abstract
  3. Collective (Answer)
  4. Material

Practice No-9: Choose the correct indirect form of- The teacher said to me “don’t come here”

  1. The teacher ordered me not to go there. (Answer)
  2. The teacher ordered me not to come there.
  3. The teacher ordered me do not to go there.
  4. The teacher commends me not to go there.

Dear reader, now a day it is so hard to find out the 100% accurate and dependable grammar but this site undoubtedly dependable and 100% reliable for grammatical practice. Every answer of these questions is 100% correct. Because I’ve verify them in different way.

If you found any mistakes please inform me as soon as possible. You will get my contact details in the top menu bar.

Thanks for reading this post.

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