English Grammar Question Banks

Topic: English Grammar Question Banks

I have collected these Questions from the previous year’s exam questions. So, directly or indirectly these are very important for students.

By the end of the lesson you will have:

  • University, Medical, Engineering, BCS, job preparation
  • How to learn English grammar from home.
  • English Grammatical Questions with answers
  • Grammatical preparation for all students of all classes.

Choose the correct antonym for the word ‘Plasticity’.

  1. Purity
  2. Agility
  3. Rigidity (Answer)
  4. Immensity

What is the meaning of ‘Bill of ‘fare’?

  1. A chart of bus fare
  2. A valuable document
  3. A price list
  4. A list of dishes at a restaurant (Answer)

Fill in blank with appropriate word/words/preposition:

I have great respect ____ him.

  1. To
  2. For (Answer)
  3. In
  4. Of

I am looking forward ———you.

  1. To seeing (Answer)
  2. Seeing
  3. To see
  4. To have seen

The charge of murder was brought ——him.

  1. Against (Answer)
  2. For
  3. About
  4. With

Government bonds and blue chip stocks are —-investment.

  1. Salvaged
  2. Sluggish
  3. Scarce
  4. Sound (Answer)

‘The news shocked him’ .The passive form will be—-

  1. He was shocked by the news
  2. He was shocked to the news
  3. He was shocked with the news
  4. He was shocked at the news (Answer)

Select the pair that best expresses the relationship.

  1. Animosity : Hostility (Answer)
  2. Dilemma: Peaceful
  3. Obstacle: Progress
  4. Diligent: Lazy

The correct spelling is—

  1. Humonorous
  2. Humourious
  3. Humorous (Answer)
  4. Humorious

What is the adverb form of the word ‘heart’?

  1. Heartened
  2. Heartly
  3. Hearty (Answer)
  4. Heartening

Find the odd one from the following:

  1. A
  2. E
  3. P (Answer)
  4. U

Which is a proper subscription for an application for a job?

  1. Most respectfully yours
  2. Very truly yours
  3. Yours faithfully (Answer)
  4. Sincerely yours

Plural form of ‘Deer’

  1. Deer (Answer)
  2. Dares
  3. Deers
  4. Deeres

“Call to mind” means—–

  1. Fantasize
  2. Attend
  3. Remember (Answer)
  4. Request

He tried all plans (negative)

  1. He tried no plan untried (Answer)
  2. He tried no plan
  3. He untried all plan
  4. He did not try all plan

Fear: Threat: Anger—

  1. Compulsion
  2. Panic
  3. Provocation (Answer)
  4. Force

Identify the miss pelt word.

  1. Elephant
  2. Anemia
  3. Millennium (Answer)
  4. Elephantiasis

Choose the correct synonym for the word ‘geneses.

  1. Introduction (Answer)
  2. Preface
  3. Beginning
  4. forward

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