English Grammatical MCQ Suggestions for Higher Level Students

English Grammatical MCQ Suggestions for Higher Level Students

This short but important suggestion will help you to save your 80% preparation time. So, let’s start now.

Question and answer

  1. ‘A slip of tongue’ means something is said-

Answer: unintentionally

  1. Choose the correct relation. ‘Ecstasy’ is to Happiness as admiration is to-Answer: Appreciation
  2. Choose the correct analogy. ‘Barren: Fecund’.

Answer: Hackneyed: Original

  1. Choose the correct spelling.

Answer: Indigenous

  1. Which of the following noun is made of two nouns?

Answer: Classroom

  1. Choose the pair that best expresses similar relationship. ‘Fire: Ashes’

Answer: Event: Memories

  1. Choose the correct meaning of the phrase ‘stumbling block’.

Answer: Obstacle

  1. The antonym word of ‘Meager’ is-

Answer: little

  1. ‘Oncology’ relates to-

Answer: medicine.

  1. Which underlined part of the sentence below is correct?

Fiber is important element in nutrition and it aids in protecting the digestive tract as well.

Answer: tract.

  1. Choose the correct sentence.
  2. Fame as well as fortune were his goals
  3. Fame as well as fortune was his goals
  4. Fame as well fortune were his goals
  5. Fame and fortune were his goals

Answer: b. Fame as well as fortune was his goals

  1. The opposite meaning of’ Hearten’ is-

Answer: discourage

  1. Which one of the following is a complex sentence?

Answer: They were studying because they have a test in the afternoon.

  1. The correct proverb is-

Answer: Silence is golden

  1. ‘ Ring master’ is a person in change of-

Answer: a circus performer

  1. The noun of the word ‘brief’ is-

Answer: briefing

  1. Choose the appropriate preposition. ‘We sprinkle parsley – the tomatoes.’

Answer: on

  1. Choose the correct transformation into compound one. ‘You must work hard to succeed.’

Answer: You must work hard or you will fail.

  1. Which will complete the sentence correctly? ‘So quickly — he reached on time.’

Answer: did he run that

  1. Fill in the blank. ‘Ten dollars — a lot of money for a cup of coffee.

Answer: is

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