English Grammatical Question and Answer

Dear students, now I’ll describe about the different useful and necessary grammatical question with answer. This will help you a lot to get admitted into any popular universities of the world. This is not only for any special country but also for worldwide students.

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: Ratan failed to carry away his studies for poverty.

Question: which is the right sentence?

Answer: He cast his vote for you.

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: The two parties have different views of democracy.

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: The country has adapted a new industrial policy.

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: Over a billion people use Microsoft windows operating systems.

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: To whom do the books belong?

Question: Which is the correct sentence?

Answer: Where were you born?

Question: Identify one of the underlined words or phrases that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct: Popular method of training colds include taking extra vitamins, getting a lot of sleep, and drinking plenty of liquid.

  1. Method
  2. Colds
  3. Extra vitamins
  4. Sleep
  5. Liquid

Answer: colds

Question:  which underlined phrase in each of the following two sentences should be replaced by an alternative given below to make it grammatical correct?

Since Ruma did not want to be disturbed while studying, she left the ‘phone off hooks’.

  1. Of hook
  2. For the hook
  3. off hooking
  4. Off the hook
  5. From the hook.

Answer: D

Question: Since the office was overburdened with work, his colleague decided to ‘give him hand’.

Answer: give him a hand.

Question: Choose the pair that expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed by the capitalized pair: HEART: HUMAN

  1. Tail: dog
  2. Hand: child
  3. Kitchen: house
  4. Brick: wall
  5. Engine: car

Answer: e

Question: Which of the following words is spelt correctly?

Question: Fill in the blanks with appropriate words/phrase

His health has ——- because of hard labour.

Answer: broken down

Question: He told me that he —– in Khulna in the previous year.

Answer: had been working

Question: Ten thousand dollars — a lot of money.

Answer: are

Question:  The word brittle means-

Answer: fragile.

Question: In the financial crisis, such lavish expenditure should be

Answer: curtailed.

Question: While going to office, take your umbrella … it rains.

Answer: by the chance.

Choose correct preposition

Question:She was blessed … a son.

Answer: of

Question: I will write …your phone number

Answer: Down

Question: Summo is beating around the bush. In other words summo is …

Answer: avoiding the main point.

Question: Find the synonyms of the following words “Degrading”

Answer: lowering

Question: Find the synonyms of the following words “Arduous”

Answer: difficult.

Question: Find the antonym of the following words “Perilous”

Answer: secure

Question: Find the antonym of the following words “Perfect”

Answer: flawed

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