English Language Test Questions with Answer

By the end of this lesson you will have-

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  • Learning English grammar
  • Practice English grammar

Select the correct meaning from the following proverbs:

Actions speak louder than words.

  1. People with similar interests and tastes tend to group.
  2. It is what we do that matters and not just what we say. (Correct Answer)
  3. People can arrive at the same conclusion by different means.
  4. A satisfactory conclusion makes up for earlier disappointments.

Beggars cannot be choosers.

  1. Nothing can go forever as all things change
  2. One must accept what is available in different circumstances. (Correct Answer)
  3. It is preferable to do a job even if it is delayed than not do it at all
  4. It preferable to be cautious than be rush get into trouble

Blood is thicker than water.

  1. One should not make a big fuss about a trivial matter.
  2. Family ties are stronger than other relationships. (Correct Answer)
  3. Don’t give a precious thing to anyone who can’t value it.
  4. One must accept what is available.

Coming events cast their shadows before.

  1. One should not assume success prior to actually achieving it
  2. Live within your means
  3. There are often early indications of future happenings. (Correct Answer)
  4. None of this.

The best fish swim near the bottom.

  1. One must accept what is available in difficult circumstances.
  2. Provide help first to one’s family members and then to others. (Correct Answer)
  3. The finest thing are hard to get
  4. None of these.

Identify the incorrect option:

The word airlines are moving towards a total ban on smoking. (Correct Answer: word)

Identify the incorrect option:

The US president serves a maximum of two four-year terms. (Correct Answer: four-year)

Select the correct sentence.

  1. The man was clever who came to my office.
  2. The man who came to my office was clever. (Correct Answer)
  3. The man came to my office who was clever.
  4. My office who came was clever.

There is no credit in earning money illegally. The underlined word is-

  1. Present participle
  2. Gerund (Correct Answer)
  3. Verb
  4. Present continuous

Which one of the following best explains the sentence?

“Jamil had the computer repaired yesterday.”

  1. Jamill himself repaired the computer.
  2. Jamil arranged for somebody else to repair the computer. (Correct Answer)
  3. Jamil wanted to repaired the computer.
  4. Jamil was planning to repair the computer, butcouldn’t.

Choose the correct sentence.

  1. They sat HSC examination this year.
  2. They gave HSC examination this year.
  3. They took HSC examination this year. (Correct Answer)
  4. None of these.


Choose the correct sentence.

  1. He takes medicine on alternative days.
  2. He has to take medicine on alternative days. (Correct Answer)
  3. He has to take medicine on week days.
  4. Both A and B

Choose the correct sentence

  1. It has been raining cats and dogs for several days.
  2. It has been raining in drops for days together.
  3. It has been drizzling for days together.
  4. It has been drizzling for several days. (Correct Answer)

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