Fill in the blanks with suitable word

Fill in the blanks with suitable word/s (Questions 1-9) :

  1. After the governor’s third overseas trip voters complained that he was paying too little attention to — affairs

Ans. (B) domestic

  1. Since the island soil has been barren for so many years, the islanders must — much of their food.

Ans. (B) import

  1. Make sure you read all the — carefully before setting up the device.

Ans. (C) instructions

  1. ‘Rose’ is often used as-for beauty or the beautiful. Ans. (A) a metaphor
  2. ___Pohela Boishakh, there is a festive mood all — the country.

Ans. (D) on, over

  1. Nature finds ways to ensure the survival of —. Ans. (A) the fittest
  2. Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook – an omelet; but, to his surprise, the omelet flies out of the window. D. himself
  3. He is hardworking and – C. so am I
  4. – did Kamal realize that there was danger. Ans. (C) Only after entering the bank

Choose the correct preposition to fill in the gap (Question 10) :

  1. We must discourage people — throwing trash in public places. Ans. (B) from
  2. Which of the following is a form of ‘die’? Ans. (C) dying
  3. ‘No man is an island.’ What does this proverb mean? Ans. (C) Everyone needs help from other people
  4. Find a synonym for the word ‘vigorous’ from the options given bellow: Ans. (C) strong and energetic
  5. choose the correct passive sentence: Ans. (B) The meeting is to be rescheduled.
  6. Which word is spelt correctly?

Ans. (C) medieval

  1. ‘মিনা বলল যে, সে অসুস্থ’ The correct translation of this sentence Is :

Ans. (C) Meena said that” she was ill.

  1. The word ‘vegetarian’ refers to –

Ans. (C) mammals

  1. Which of the following words best replaces ‘revealed’ in the sentence: Studies have revealed that infections are associated with cancers. Ans. (A) found

Read the passage below and answer questions 19-23 :

Vultures are not careful about what they eat. This makes them vulnerable to eating meat that could be toxic. The consequence often is the death of these birds. That is one reason why these birds are not widely seen in Bangladesh anymore. The other is that the trees which vultures perch on have also been disappearing from the land. The net result is the birds are not present throughout the country in the numbers in which they were viewed a generation, or even a decade, ago .

  1. A suitable title for the passage would be : Ans. (D) Disappearing Vultures of Bangladesh
  2. ‘The net result’ is closest in meaning to which of the following words that have also been used in the passage: Ans. (A) consequence
  3. An antonym for ‘toxic’ is: Ans. (D) harmless
  4. A ‘decade’ is the same as: Ans. (B) ten years
  5. ‘Widely’ used in the passage is a/an: Ans. (B) adverb

Choose appropriate article/s (Questions 24-25) :

  1. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Memorial Museum stands as – symbol not only of the greatest moments in our history but also as evidence of the darkest moment in – history of this land. Ans.(C) a, the
  2. One of Akbar’s most vigorous opponents during his lifetime had been – outstanding scholar Sheikh Ahmed and, like Akbar, he was also venerated as – Perfect Man by his own disciples. Ans.(B) an, a

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