Grammatical Practice From Home

Choose the correct meaning of the underlined words: (Q. 1-6)

  1. The new ad on TV was simply
  • Amazing
  • Too slow
  • Heartbreaking
  • Hasty

Answer: Amazing

  1. I’m not kidding!
  • Childish
  • Acting
  • Joking
  • Falsify

Answer: Joking

  1. We are in deep financial crunch. We should cut off the white elephant.

Answer: costly but unless possession.

  1. Sometimes kids act up because they just want attention. Answer: to behave badly
  2. He is the one of the most emulated photo journalist. Answer: copied.
  3. The man in the black car is the icon of flamboyance. Answer: showy.

Find the incorrect part of the sentence: (Q. 7-12)

  1. 1) I am anxious 2) to read the book  3) that you spoke of 4) yesterday     Answer: 2)
  2. 1) She suffered so much 2) that she decided  3) never to believe  4) none anymore  Answer: 2)
  3. 1) the farmers tried 2) to rise  3) organic vegetables  4) but heavy rain  Answer: 3)
  4. 1) Antique 2) no matter how ordinary  3) become more invaluable  4) with time  Answer: 3)
  5. 1) We could not make any decision. 2) because a few  3) of the members  4) was voicing their disapproval  Answer:  4)
  6. 1) I don’t mind 2) to help 3) with the cooking 4) but I am not going to wash the dishes. Answer: 2)

Choose the right preposition: (Q. 13-15)

  1. The people grew impatient —- the burden of heavy taxation. Answer: for
  2. We should not get upset —– things that are beyond our control. Answer: about
  3. Haque’s strange taste —- cloths makes him freaky. Answer: in

Choose the words that best completes the sentence: (Q. 16-24)

  1. When you are in Rajshahi take go stop —- the Varendra Museum. Answer: seeing.
  2. I regret — Sarzina about the wedding. Answer: to tell.
  3. If you —- a wallet in the street, what would you do with it? Answer: found.
  4. I like — carefully about things before —- a decision. Answer: to think, making.
  5. When I came to the — question, I was glad the admission test was almost —–. Answer: final, over
  6. Oasis is related to sand. Island is related to —–. Answer: Water.
  7. Positive is the antonym of Negative. Clean is the antonym of

Answer: Filthy

  1. A Network is used to Connect. Statue is used to —. Answer: Memorize.
  2. The Senate is part Congress. A Lobby is part of a —. Answer: Hotel

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