Great opportunity of online income for the new young generation people

Outsourcing jobs for poor /developing countries people like Bangladesh

Educational qualification is optional for freelancing

In the ICT sector Bangladesh has entered only few years ago. But, within this few years the young generation have acquired an unbelievable position by their hard labour and intelligent. In the perspective of Bangladesh, job opportunity is not an average for all. Here, unemployment problem is the greatest problem.

But there is a great opportunity of online income for Bangladesh. Anyone can earn money from home with the help of internet. In the developed country, there is a lack of people than job. There, jobs are available than the total people. As a result, they want to hire poor countries people. In this sequence, many countries people do those countries job by using internet. Here the full credit of ICT.

Actually, developed countries client or buyer done their jobs by poor countries people via outsourcing because of their higher rate. Bangladesh is a developing country. Recently, besides the increasing of outsourcing opportunity, career building scopes has created for the ICT expert people. In the last few years in Bangladesh, outsourcing was done by only few companies. But now by dint of internet facilities people earning money privately from online. This profession is called freelancing. The main advantage of this profession is one can get well earning besides its freedom.

There is a wrong conception among some people that, they have to study in computer science and engineering or need higher degree to do freelancing and outsourcing. But, there are many jobs in online where educational qualification is optional. That means a certificate is not important for outsourcing job. But you have to be expert in English. In order to build an online career you just need computer, high speed internet connection and some general knowledge. In this case, the main resource of Bangladesh is expert but cheap young generations.

Recently, in our country some online works has become popular; they are

  1. Outsourcing
  2. Data entry
  3. Online survey
  4. PTC
  5. PTS
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Web page based work
  8. SMM
  9. SEO
  10. SEM
  11. Copy paste
  12. Web research
  13. Web development
  14. Web designing
  15. Web programming
  16. Software development
  17. Networking
  18. Traffic sourcing
  19. Article writing
  20. Freelancing etc.

Please remember that, category; sub category selection is the first and main task for a freelancer. By the by, there are lots of opportunities of outsourcing and freelancing for all the new generation people of all over the world. To learn more please read more articles from this website. Thanks.

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