High speed internet connection

What is broadband and how it works?

Broadband connection is the high speed internet connection. This connection is provided by fibre optic cable. To get broadband connection you have to contact with them who provide broadband connection. This connection system is as like as dish line connection. They will install a land card or device in your computer. They will give you a username and password to configure your computer. Generally, there is no need of dialler for broadband connection. In this case, when you will start your computer then broadband connection will automatically setup.

Many of us think that, their computer will attacked by virus if internet connected. But it’s a wrong conception. Until you start to browse anything with any browser, it will not get permission to enter in super high way of internet. To ensure your internet connection you have to notice your task bar. This icon will be bright. You can also test it by mouse pointer. Move your mouse pointer on this icon; you will see a text ‘connected’.

You can disable this connection anytime. But it’s no need. When you need to browse anything, just open it and the connection will automatically start. When you will close your browsing software, then connection will be inactive although your computer is always interconnected. So there is no any problem in this time.

But you have to always remember that, usually we use pirated software. That means we use software without license. Sometime we use free software and sometime we use trial version for 30 days. In these circumstances, if your computer stays in interconnected it will show update request. Then you have to cancel or exit.

If you response to their update request they will confirm that your software is pirated. Then they will inactive your EXE file. As a result you cannot run that software. So, be careful from unnecessary update.

In order to do online heavy job there is no alternative of broadband connection. Because, in the online job circular, the buyer mentions that requirement. But it is not for all jobs. Broadband connection is so cheap connection. You have to pay their bill monthly. The most advantage of broadband connection is its high speed. This high speed will save your valuable time and we know that “Time and tide wait for none.”

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