How my smart phone’s battery will long lasting

Tips on smart phone’s battery will long lasting

Tip on how to increase the battery life of the smartphone

Electricity is the root power of our daily used electronics. Large machines such as freeze, TV, computer etc. are run by the direct current but small and portable device needs a rechargeable battery. In this purpose, lithium-ion cell very popular. A mobile phone is also run by lithium-ion battery. This battery runs few days by full charging once. But the capacity of this battery decreases with the increasing age. Again, if you do not recharge-discharge mobile battery in a proper way, the battery backup will be damaged. Many people recharge their mobile battery fully and also discharge fully. But new research has said another word.

It has known from a report published in ‘daily mail’ that, according to the opinion of specialist you should not 100% charge your mobile phone’s battery. Rather than it should keep 40-50%. That means it will give better performance if you keep your battery charge at 40-80 percent. Even it has given the advice to avoid wireless charging.

There is a wrong idea among us that after buying a new phone it should be given 8 hrs charge. Researcher “Arik Limer” has proved that it is wrong because this method is not applicable for today’s lithium-ion battery. In ancient time we used nickel battery which needed a long time charging.

15 degree Celsius temperature is a standard for mobile battery. If it crosses this limit battery will lose its efficiency. Mr. Limen has said that, if you keep your lithium-ion battery in 25 degree Celsius temperature then it will lose 20% efficiency. In 40-50 degree Celsius temperature battery will be safe from the instant hamper.

At the time of daily usage of smartphone, we should follow some rules to get more back-up. Such as you should not keep on Blue-tooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, synchronize, touch screen vibration, etc feature. If you go in some area where there is no network, then it will be better keeping phone offline/flight/airplane mode because it loses some charge every time you on and off your phone. Set screen backlit according to your need. Unnecessarily brightness spends lots of charges. You can get more backup by on power saving option in the handset. Lock your phone after usages. As a result, the unexpected function can’t start. Uses set regularly. Keep update your phone software and once a month gives full charge and discharge.

Some latest information about phone battery:

  1. A 3D battery has been invented with 1000x power: charging in second.
  2. Mobile will be charged by headphone

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