How to create Skrill account

Which is the best online money withdrawal method?

Skrill is the trusted and cheapest withdrawal system

There are many money withdrawal methods. They are PayPal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill or Money bookers, web money, bit coin, Amex, MasterCard, Visa etc. but among them Skrill is best for all countries because skrill is supported by all over the world. Now I will describe about skrill.

At first connect with internet. Then open your browser. Now go to the address bar and type Press ‘Enter’ button from your keyboard. A window will be displayed. Now click on the sign up. From the new window select Bangladesh as country of residence. Now scroll to go up and down.

Select personal account and click on the sign up. A form will appear. Now fill up the form correctly. * Symbol refers that you can’t avoid this box. Now scroll and go to below click on ‘Accept and create account’.

The new window will displayed this ‘Your application was successful’. Then you will see-

‘Congratulation- your account is now open!

You can now send and receive money easily as well as make instant and secure payment’

Now you have to add this skrill email address into your earning website’s account. Then you can withdraw from here. To know your account number you have to visit ‘Go to my account’

After clicking that button a new window will display. After reading this warning message you need to click on ‘continue’ button. After then your full account will be displayed. From here you can find out your account number in the Customer ID.  Click on the logout if you want to exit.

You can increase your money limit actually it is your transaction limit. Now click on your profile from the left menu. Here you will get address option. Check address. You can verify your mobile number. There are two options for increasing limit. One is address verification and another is bank account/ID verification.

Now you can logout. Remember, you should always log out when you will close/exit from your account. Because,  you need security to protect your account password and username. Skrill has referral program. That means you can earn money by referring your friend. For this option you have to do some extra task. You have to join in referral program by filling additional form. Thus you can use this cheapest and reliable method.

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