How to earn online money from home via social entertainment or social networking

Earn money by social networking like Facebook, twitter etc and be a millionaire

Best tips of social marketing

Social networking is the best online money earning method. It is not easy for all people. It’s especially for them who are expert. Beside with knowledge it also needs investment. But there are some blog sites, by which you can build free blog for you and can use it as a social media. After then by building a large network with others you can show it to the job supplier company to be interested to you. I’m explaining it more for you. Suppose, you have created a blog from . It’s name . Now, you need the popularity of your blog. So, you have to publish it to other media. Such as you can build back-link by making comment to other popular blog; you can publish it on Facebook, you can publish it on twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, pinterest etc.

You have to SEO for your blog. SEO means search engine optimization. You can make free group, page in Yahoo, Google, Microsoft network, Facebook, twitter, etc. for your blog. When you will get 5000-100000 visitors per month then you can show it different ad publishing company. When you will apply they will review your blog within 7 days. Sometimes it may take 1-7 days even more than 7 days to approve your site/blog. If they thought your blog is valuable, they will approve your blog. Thus you can earn money from your website or blog site.

Remember that, yours earning/revenue will depend on your visitors. Low visitors mean low income and lots of visitor means lots of earning. In order to get high traffic for your blog you can use Facebook, twitter, Google+, pinterest, Digg, delicious, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn etc. social media. And this method is called social media marketing.

Thus, day by day your website/blog will be more valuable and you will get millions of traffic per month. And you will be one of the greatest millionaires of the world.

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