How to identify and buy best smart phone

What to remember when buying a new smart phone?

If you want to buy a new smart phone then will feel tension to choose the right one for you because there are different kinds of smart phone in the market. Every smart phone is adding such type of feature that it is hard to choose 1 phone from them. Here I will write some effective and great tips for you which will help you to buy a good smart phone.

Operating system: Before buying a smart phone you should confirm that which operating system’s smart phone you want to buy. The mentionable operating systems are Apple’s IOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows phone OS etc. You have to must select operating system according to your like. But Android phone’s users are more than others smart phone world. Although the popularity of IOS based iPhone is more but because of high price buyers are not interested to buy it. Lumia phone of windows OS is also developing.

Hardware Configurations: There are RAM, ROM, processors etc. in the smart phone’s hardware. Snapdragon 810 processor and 2 GB is the best to play high definition game. More than 512 MB RAM is better for general internet browsing, emailing etc. This range is change wit the time being.

Storage: There is storage according to the facilities of smart phone. That phone is good which has more storage. But storage depends on the market. It is better if there has more memory card adding facilities. Nowadays having more than 8 GB storage is good for smart phone.

Screen size and quality: Screen size and quality is an important thing at the time of buying smart phone. Many of us want such type of phone’s screen which can be kept in pocket. Many people want small size screen’s phone so that it does not face any problem when operating. You will not be able to see hi definition things if the screen quality become bad. For this reason it is better to buy QHD display smart phone because the screen quality is better in it.

Camera: Nowadays, smart phones have high resolution camera. You should check when buying a smart phone whether it has or not 5 mega pixel cameras. There are also 13-20 mega pixel cameras in today’s smart phone.

Price: In the market of smart phone there are different prices smart phones. Smart phone’s price depends on its configuration. Only buyer knows which smart phone is better for him according his budget. Xiaomi and Oneplus is giving medium price smart phone. Of course there is a saying “Value for money”.

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