How to setup internet connection

Different internet connection system

By the end of this lesson you will have-

Being connected with internet

BTCL internet connection

Broad band internet connection

Connection with modem

Connection with mobile modem

You have to use dialler for any internet connection except only broad band connection. Actually, dial-up is used for internet connection via phone line. You need a modem to connect with internet via BTCL’s phone line. Dialler is necessary to connect with BTCL internet server. You have to create this dialler by double clicking on the network connection icon of your computer. If need,  you have to contact with internet section of BTCL. They will help you with eagerly.

In broad band connection there is no need of dialler. Because, if you are connected with broad band; your computer will connect with internet as soon as it will start with the nearest server. By this way, your computer will connect with the nearest internet server via local area network. You can reconnect this connection any time if it’s disconnect. Sometime it will establish if you restart your PC. If you use different fixed cellular phone, like national, Onetell, Rankstell etc. for internet connection then you also need dialler. But, these phone line has own dialler system. Dialler will be created automatically at the time of configuration of computer.

If you want to use internet with mobile device via SIM card, then you have to use their dialler. You have to use own dialler of mobile phone company, if you use GPRS mobile phone.

BTCL internet connection

Suppose, you want to login into internet,  with dial-up system of BTCL’s land telephone line. In this case,

  • Start your computer and stay in desktop
  • From the desktop, double click on the dialler icon of BTTB or BTCL. You have to create this dialler shortcut icon from the network connection icon.
  • Now click on the dial button from the displayed box.

After double clicking on that dialler status will be displayed. This means, your dialler is searching nearest server. If server is found, it will check username and password then will start to establish connection. That means dialler is going to establish connection. If connection is establish a small icon will be displayed below the taskbar of desktop. It refers that you are login now and your computer is ready for browsing internet.

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