How to take screen shoot easily in Mac

screenshot taking process

Snapshot taking tips

There are some shortcuts to take a screenshot in Mac that we don’t know. Now I shall describe those shortcuts.

  1. For full screenshot press Command + Shift + 3
  2. To take partial screenshot press command + Shift + 4. Now your mouse cursor will be as like as cross-hair point. Then move the cursor from where you want to take pictures. Click on the mouse, drag necessary area and leave it.
  3. Adjusting screenshot: You can move screenshot by holding spacebar. You can change the size of cross-hair point by holding the shift key. By holding the option key screenshot can be increased or decrease equally around it. If press Esc key screenshot will stop and cross-hair pointer will disappear.
  4. Windows screenshot: At first press command + shift + 4. Now press the space key. You will see that cross-hair pointer has become as like as camera pointer. Now click on there where you want to to take a screenshot.
  5. Bonus tips: If you want to take a screenshot on the computer then press PrintSysRq button on the keyboard. Next click on start menu – All programs – accessories. After then click on the paint program. After opening paint program press Ctrl + V. again screenshot will paste here. If you wish, you can save a photo of the specific area by using cop area. At last press Ctrl + S to save the screenshot.
  6. Taking a screenshot by using third party software: There many software by which you can take snapshot or screenshots without any trouble. But at first, you have to download that snapshot from the internet. You buy a mufti-software DVD. After collecting software you have to install it on your computer. By following the above guideline we can easily take or pickups snapshot or screenshot.

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