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What does refer by etc.? Answer: Etc. means et-cetera.

What does refer by N.B? Answer: Nota-bene.

Which are the smallest words in English? Answer: A and I

Tell a word where you will found five vowels. Answer is education. (a,e,i,o,u)

Tell a sentence where you will found A-Z 26 letters. Answer: A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dogs.

Madam and river are the two words which are unchangeable if you rearrange it from the opposite order.

Do you know “Number” is a singular word? Its plural is “numbers”. The written abbreviation of number is no.

“Pronoun” is a noun word. So the pronoun of “pronoun” is ‘it’.

Gander’s feminine is Goose. Again plural of goose is geese. On the other hand, there is no masculine/feminine of Gender.

If there had ‘tive’ at the last of a word then that word is considered as adjective. But, Inspite of having tive the word adjective is a noun. Adjective is noun. Its adjective form is adjectival and its adverb form is adjectivally.

Adjective form of adverb is adverbial and adverb form is adverbial way.

There are 4 words which are ended by ‘dous’. They are tremendous, stupendous, horrendous and hazardous.

University has e but varsity has a.

American: spell – spelled- spelled but in British, spelt-spelt-spelt.

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