Latest New Wonderful Car Invented by Japan That Can Be Kept in a Bag

‘WalkCar’ has been invented which can be kept in a hand bag

So, from now you can carry your car in a bag. Everyday available new technology is coming in the market. As a result, day by day human life is becoming easier than ancient. In order to lead an advanced life recently, an engineer of Japan has invented a portable car that can be kept in a small bag.

Car in bag

Invention: What a wonderful invention is! Isn’t it? It is difficult to guess but the reality is easier that. Really, this car has been invented by an engineer of 26 years. His name is “Kuniako”. You can easily carry this car on your shoulder by a hand bag. When needed, you can use it. This car needs not a parking place.

Company: This car has produced by a company named “Cocoa Motors”. They have named this car as “Car In Bag”.

How it works: Are you thinking how this car will move? What will be its speed? How it will start and stop? This car looks likes a laptop size. Another name has been given of this car that is “WalkCar” which looks likes a skateboard. ‘The Royters’ said, the weight of this car will be only 2-3 Kg and it is made of Aluminum. This car will run by a lithium battery. Recently ‘Cocoa Motors’ has informed this information. This car will run 10Kms per hour. After 3 hours charging it will go till 12 kilometers.

Wonderful car
Walk Car

Featured: The inventor has said that this car has some special advantages. According to his speech, this car will be very hard and strong. But it looks like lite or thin as it is made of Aluminum. It can carry a man or thing weight of 120kilograms. It will be also so strong that, men can move wheel chair with this car. The inventor has said that it is easy to ride on this ‘walkCar’. He also added that it will run automatically when anyone ride on it. When you want to stop this car, just you need go down. Are you thinking about how to change direction? Well, this ultra- modern car has also this system. You have to move or turn your body as your direction. Then it will go thither.

New wonderful car

Price: Now you are thinking how much price will it? Yes, the engineer or inventor of this ‘WalkCar’ has said the price of this car will not be as like as others car. It will take $800 US dollars to buy this easy portable car. If you convert it in BDT, it will be about 62,000Tk. It has come to the market. This car has come in the market for commercial purpose at the middle of year 2016.

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