Latest top ten rhubarb recipes

Rhubarb is a special ingredient, using its vivid pink shade and distinctively tangy flavor. The stalks of the versatile veg can be stewed, poached, roasted and pur?ed in a variety of scrumptious great and savory meals as well as refreshments. Utilize it in a comforting crumble, a vintage syllabub, a fruity chutney or a zingy kebab sauce – the options are endless!

You will find two types of rhubarb grown up in the united kingdom. Compelled rhubarb (available from January to early on Feb) is produced under pots and has a far more delicate surface and flavor than maincrop rhubarb (available in springtime, from overdue March – June) which is grown up more slowly outside and has a deeper flavor. Both kinds will be too tart to consume independently, so have to be cooked with sweets to sweeten them.

Whilst some may claim that rhubarb reaches its best when simply roasted and dished up with glaciers cream, we feel that there’s a lot more to the rosy veg. Have a look at our set of favorite meals for an assortment of traditional and new ways to provide rhubarb.
1. Rhubarb crumble
Rhubarb crumble in a profound oval dish

Kicking off with a comfort food basic, our rhubarb crumble is the best pudding to talk about with relatives and buddies. Enjoy this heavenly combo of sharpened fruity filling up with lovely crumbly topping and creamy vanilla custard.

Try more rhubarb crumble flavors such as rhubarb & strawberry crumble with custard, or rhubarb & ginger crumble. We’ve also recreated the flavors of the dish in a delightful rhubarb & custard pie with butter crumble.

2. Rhubarb gin

Rhubarb gin in spectacles and rhubarb in a container
With the trend for gin not demonstrating any indication of slowing, fans of the tipple will like our rhubarb infused version. Commonly instagrammable and excellent refreshing on a hot day, this attractive green drink will decrease a treat.

Blend up more zingy cocktails by using an abundant rhubarb cordial, sip on the fruity rhubarb & strawberry vodka or recreate traditional flavors in a rhubarb & custard cocktail,

3. Rhubarb & custard meringue tart

Bake our eye-catching rhubarb & custard meringue tart for an extraordinary social gathering showstopper. Blitz a few of the rhubarb and incorporate it with the custard filling up for a supplementary flavor treatment, then layer the rest of the stems over in a fairly pink mosaic layout. The tiny Italian meringues are also tinged with rhubarb and make a dainty topping to crown this pudding glory.

If you cannot choose a tart or crumble then you will want to get the best of both worlds in a rhubarb & almond crumble tart. Another stunning social gathering dessert will come in the form of your dreamy rhubarb ripple & gingerbread cheesecake topped with beautiful swirls of rhubarb and ginger compote. Followers of traditional French dessert will also love our colorful rhubarb Tarte Tatin, delicately flavored with legend anise.

4. Rhubarb crumble muffins

Another delicious reinvention of the basic crumble will come in the form of the moreish rhubarb crumble muffins. These generously measured bakes have a superbly moist feel from the rhubarb stalks, whilst the crunchy topping catches the essence of any crumble.

Create more outstanding bakes with these attractive rhubarb & custard muffins. The oozing custard center offers these plump sponges a lavish quality comparable to a self-applied saucing pud, although they remain scrumptious when consumed cold.

4. Rhubarb & vanilla jam
Make a batch of the fabulously fruity Rhubarb & vanilla jam and disperse liberally on toast. This compote also is effective when swirled in a creamy porridge or yogurt.
5. Rhubarb & custard cake

It’s only natural that the basic combo of rhubarb and custard would be reinvented in a light and fruity wedding cake and we are so thankful it was. Use homegrown roasted rhubarb to increase flavour. Like a slice of the damp sponge whilst comforting with a glass of tea or help with a dollop of yogurt for dessert.

6. Rhubarb & day chutney

There are lots to celebrate our punchy rhubarb & day chutney which gives the perfect mixture of lovely and tartness. Leave this spicy pass on to mature for per month to build up a full-bodied flavor. It’ll supply the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, poppadoms and cool meat, or is similarly delicious when slathered in sandwiches.

If you’re brief promptly, then rustle up our simpler rhubarb chutney which only requires five minutes to prepare.

8. Rhubarb & ginger syllabub

Another popular rhubarb dish, a light, and tangy syllabub are quick to make and even quicker to devour. Using fresh ginger in the rhubarb compote gives it a supplementary spicy kick, which works superbly when swirled through the creamy filling up.

To get more pots of creamy rhubarb goodness, dig your spoon into a white delicious chocolate mousse with poached rhubarb, or make some little rhubarb & strawberry meringue pots for a low-fat version which uses only five materials. If you’re buying stunning get-together centerpiece, you will want to make our boozy rhubarb fool trifle.

9. Russian shashlik with rhubarb sauce

As well to be a sweet feeling, rhubarb makes an outstanding addition to savory meals. These Russian-style lamb kebabs are increased with a drizzle of rhubarb sauce. They will be great to talk about with relatives and buddies at an everyday gathering or springtime barbecue if you are blessed with the elements.

For a stylish social gathering dish, provide roasted rhubarb alongside pork fillets filled with black pudding.

10. Rhubarb and ricotta bread & butter pudding

Combine rhubarb with creamy ricotta in vintage bread & butter pudding which is assured to please a group.

Test out this component in other traditional sweets like a rhubarb steamed pudding or go further afield and make an American-style rhubarb & orange slump filled with fluffy dumplings and a fruity sauce.

If these indulgent puds don’t gratify your rhubarb desires, then you will want to set them with a captivating red rhubarb & legend anise sorbet. As well as jazzing up your pudding dish, this zingy glaciers cream functions as a perfect palate refresher to rounding off the food.

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