Learn details about online money earning from home by paid to click or PTC

Is PTC scam or fake earning system?

What is ptc and how it works?

PTC means paid to click. This is a most discussed topic in the world. From this post you can learn details of ptc site such as what is ptc, is it real or fake, can we actually earn from it etc.

PTC is an easy earning system but not recommended. There are tons of fake ptc site. As a result people are easily fall in their trap. Although there are few legit ptc site but their income is very low. In this system you can earn money only by clicking their ads.

Actually it is an advertising programme. By these ways they publish their ads. In order to earn money from it you need to create an account. Then you will get two options; one is free and another is pro. Pro means you have to spend some money to be a pro or premium member. If you try free version then you will get limited ads link in your account. Generally they pay $.0001- .02 per ad. After signing their website you need to open ads and then you have to click on their ads. This is the simple system. Por member is also same but get more ads per day and earns more than free member.

I will not discuss more about the system because I personally don’t like this earning system. There are many ways of outsourcing and you can earn more than PTC method.

Such as if you do any online job you can earn $3-$30 per hour. But using ptc you can earn only $1 per week. Do you understand the difference? Now you can take any decision because this is your personal matter. You have to also remember that in order to earn $3/hr you need some knowledge. You have to learn some technique or method. You can learn from online or any other expert person.

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