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By the end of the lesson you will have-

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  • School, college, university exam preparation
  • Admission preparation
  • Job preparation
  • Grammatical practice from home via online

Fill in the gaps with appropriate word

The man is —week to walk.

  1. so
  2. Much
  3. very
  4. Too (Answer)

If she had gone there, she — happy.

  1. would have
  2. would be
  3. could have been (Answer)
  4. Could be

The small child — whatever his father.

  1. Does (Answer)
  2. Did
  3. Had done
  4. Had done

Select the correct sentence

  1. Arjoo prefers to sing than to dance.
  2. Arjoo prefers singing to dancing (Answer)
  3. Arjoo is prefering singing than dancing.
  4. Arjoo prefering to singing than to dancing.

Select the correct sentence

  1. He feels comparatively better today.
  2. He feels comparatively better today.
  3. He feels better today. (Answer)
  4. He feel better today.

Select the correct sentence

  1. Myself did the work
  2. I Myself did the work (Answer)
  3. I was did the work.
  4. I was did the work

Choose the meaning of On the contrary.

  1.  just opposite (Answer)
  2. but
  3. similar
  4. start

Select the correct synonym of “Invasion”.

  1. push in (Answer)
  2. quit
  3. exit
  4. repeat

Fill in the gap with appropriate word

Due to financial crisis, thirty more people — last week.

  1. were lie off
  2. were laid off (Answer)
  3. were layed off
  4. were lying off

We —by loud noise during the night.

  1. were woken up (Answer)
  2. are woken up
  3. woken up
  4. were taking up

Do you know where —? no he did not say.

  1. Asif has gone (Answer)
  2. Has Asif gone
  3. Has gone Asif
  4. None

When Jane came to Britain, she had to get used—

  1. driving
  2. to driving (Answer)
  3. to driving
  4. none

I don’t understand this sentence, can you—

  1. explain to me this word
  2. explain this word (Answer)
  3. explain this word to me
  4. none

It is usually —lave but gas that kills people during volcanic eruptions.

  1. not only
  2. not (Answer)
  3. neither
  4. no

The more hemoglobin one has, the oxygen is carried to —cells.

  1. one
  2. its
  3. their
  4. one’s (Answer)

The drive stopped the car just— time to void collision.

  1. at
  2. by
  3. of
  4. in (Answer)

How may engineering — there in Bangladesh?

  1. university is
  2. universities, are(Answer)
  3. universities,is
  4. university, are

I will not go — I am invited.

  1. because
  2. lest
  3. unless(Answer)
  4. otherwise

I wish that I — enough time to work.

  1. have
  2. have had
  3. had(Answer)
  4. have to have

Fortune never smiles — the lazy.

  1. on
  2. at(Answer)
  3. for
  4. after

Synonym of ‘paradox’ is-

  1. exaggeration
  2. hyperbole
  3. contradiction(Answer)
  4. invective

Antonym of ‘tedious’ is –

  1. boring
  2. monotonous
  3. tiresome
  4. refreshing

Choose the correct sentence-

  1. Open page 10
  2. Open at page 10(Answer)
  3. Open page at 10
  4. At open page 10

Thank you so much for staying with us

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