Light will be get from the tree

Lightening tree

Tree will supply us light

There is good news for the tree lovers. In near future, the tree will give us light for our daily activities. By this light we can read, we can decorate our house, we can decorate our roads etc. This news has given by MIT of USA. MIT means Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They have succeeded to produce this kind of trees.

Everyone knows a fire-fly. The main source of light of this fire-fly is luciferase which is an oxidative enzyme element of its body. A professor of chemical engineering at MIT named Micheal Strano and his colleagues have transferred this element into the tree. American chemical society has published their researching article to “Nano Lotus Magazine”.

At first, the scientists have made a nanoelement with luciferase. Then they add co-enzyme A with it. Then they put the experiment tree in this mixed element. After that, they keep it under high pressure. As a result, this element entered into the branch of the tree. The scientists have got light till 4 hours after processing this way.

The writer of this research article, professor Strano has told that they have researched it on lotus, herbs. They hoped that their research will help to decorate the different places from home to road. He said that The tree has own power. Actually, their research is a technique of producing light by using tree’s power.

This research is not the first time research. Before this, it has been tried to get light from the tree by using genetic engineering. But, in that research little result has got.

So, we can say that this is the first time when we are getting light from the tree. In future, we will see that every house, every road, every attractive place; every historical place will be lightening with the tree.

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