Medical and Dental admission test preparation

Multiple Choice Questions:

Question No 1: Choose the correct option. No one can —- that he is clever.

  1. Admire (Answer)
  2. Deny
  3. Defy
  4. denounce

Question No 2: Choose the correct option. He gave up — football when he got married.

  1. Playing ( Answer )
  2. Of playing
  3. To play
  4. play

Question No 3: choose the correct option. “A person who writes about his own life” writes —–

  1. a biography
  2. an autobiography ( Answer )
  3. a diary
  4. a chronicle

Question No- 4: The idiom “without issue” means-

  1. no mother
  2. childless (Answer )
  3. illiterate
  4. no wealth

Question No- 5: choose the correct spelling.

  1. Separate (Answer )
  2. Separete
  3. Seperate
  4. Saperate

Question No. 6: Choose the correct spelling.

  1. Leftenant
  2. Lieutenant (Answer)
  3. Leiutenant
  4. Leptenant

Technique: Lie-u-ten-ant

Question No.7: select the correct sentence.

  1. He resembles to his father.
  2. He resembles as his father
  3. He resembles like his father
  4. He resembles his father

Question No-8:

The passive form of the sentence, “we don’t like idle people” is-

  1. Idle people are not like by us
  2. We are not like by idle people
  3. Idle people are not liked by us (Answer)
  4. Idle people are not of our liking.

Question No.9: ‘Termination’ means-

  1. To begin
  2. To end (Answer)
  3. To start
  4. To continue

Question No.10: what is the meaning of “white Elephant”?

  1. An elephant of white color
  2. A hoarder
  3. A black marketer
  4. A very costly or troublesome possession. (Answer)

Question No. 11: Which of the following is the correct proverb?

  1. All is well that end well
  2. All is well that ends well (Answer)
  3. All are well that end well
  4. All are well that ends well.

Question No.12: Choose the correct English sentence.

  1. The cow eats grass
  2. Cows eat grass
  3. The cow lives on grass. (Answer)
  4. The cows lives eating grass.

Question No.13: Choose the best possible passive form “Who is calling me?”

  1. By whom am I being called? ( Answer)
  2. By whom I am being called?
  3. By whom I am called.
  4. By whom have I been called?

Question No.14: Bangladesh is overpopulated. The meaning of the underline word-

  1. Many people
  2. Too many people (Answer)
  3. So much people
  4. Too much people

Question No.15: Choose the correct form of sentence.

  1. I wait your decision.
  2. I wait to your decision.
  3. I await for your decision.
  4. I await your decision. (Answer)

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