Outsourcing Job VS General Job

Online career building by himself

In our country, job competition is increasing day by day. In the job competition, every year extra 2 lack educated young generation are adding. But job facilities are not increasing according that. Many of Business Company have modernized. Now, one person can to do more work than previous 3 people. As a result, job vacancy is not found any more. But for this reason you need not to be disappointed.

Now build your career by yourself. In this age of computer every young generation should search for job in online. Because, now a day lots of online jobs are available in internet. Every company’s target is to publish their job vacancy at low cost. In this case, online job site is helping them to publish their job circular at low price.

In Bangladesh, well established company publish their job news both online and offline news paper. You have to find out job at your own interest. But, some of company in our country does not offer job circular because job candidates are more than the vacancy. In this circumstances, only outsourcing job can solve your problem.

But in the poor and developing country most of the poor unemployed young generation have no ability to buy a computer because they are unemployed.  Some of the family guardians never help their children to buy a laptop. Moreover, they need training from any IT training centre which is impossible for them.

So, from now change your mind and prepare yourself. You have to build your career by own. At first be expert in English because without international language you can’t communicate with others. Secondly, buy a PC with modem and start learning outsourcing from internet. If you have no ability to buy a laptop or desktop, then you can also learn via mobile internet. Try to go nearest Cyber Cafe if you have no mobile. Remember that, there is a proverb, “Where there is a will there is a way.” Thus you can make your own career by yourself.

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