Outsourcing Teacher VS General Teacher

Honourable profession: Freelancing Trainer

Have you completed your student life and thinking to do something?

There is a proverb that, “Teacher is a man maker”. If you expect an honourable job, if you want to pass your time among the tender faces; then undoubtedly you can select teaching profession. You can build your career as an outsourcing teacher or freelancing trainer. You can teach your students from home by Skype, Facebook, video conference, audio conference, direct phone calling etc.

You can take it as a reliable profession. Today all people are being educated and most of the students have computer. So, if you build your career from now; one day you can train others. Thus you can earn millions of money per year. In this competitive age, the whole world now busy to do something better. Teaching is not only limited to universities, school, college, Madrasha. You can be a good teacher in outsourcing profession. It is called outsourcing teacher.

Qualification for Outsourcing Teacher:

  1. Must be expert in English
  2. Should have experience from student life
  3. Honest, ideal, gentle and smart
  4. Permanent decision for this profession
  5. Learn details about computer
  6. You have to be expert in internet

You can learn details from this website. Just read A-Z.


Teaching is the greatest profession all over the world. Outsourcing teaching profession is an independent profession. Here you are free. You are the boss of all. No one can command you. You can teach from home via computer and internet. You need not to go anywhere outside your home.

By teaching outsourcing one can earn more than $1, 00,000 per month. But he needs lots of students per month. If you have 200 students and the training fee is $500 then calculate the amount:

$500 x 200 = $1, 00,000

Now convert this amount into your local currency. If you convert into Taka, the amount will be:

$100000 X 77.73 =  77, 73,000 Tk.

If you have 400 student your earning will be 7773000 X 2 =1, 55, 46,000 Tk. per month.

Now think once more about the amount. Undoubtedly, outsourcing teaching profession is the top profession than any other profession.

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