Previous Year Engineering admission test Question With Answer

Hello, Now I will present some very useful and necessary grammatical question with answer. I think this will help you a lot to get admitted into any popular Engineering universities in the world. This Question has been collected from engineering admission test question of different largest engineering universities of the world. This is not only for any special country but also for worldwide students.

Subject: English Grammar

Question No-1: Fill in the gap- “I have to meet you — in June at KUET.”

  1. Sometimes
  2. Some time
  3. Sometime (Answer)
  4. Some times

Question No-2: The plural form of the word “Memorandum”?

  1. Memorandums
  2. Memorandas
  3. Memorandras
  4. Memoranda (Answer)

Question No-3: Which one is the correct of the following sentences?

  1. The flower had lost its freshness. (Answer)
  2. The flower has lost its life.
  3. The flower had lost its beauty.
  4. The flower had lost its glamour.

Question No-4: Find the correct compound form of the sentence “Though he is rich, he is unhappy”

  1. He is rich so he is unhappy.
  2. He is rich but unhappy. (Answer)
  3. He is rich so that he is unhappy.
  4. He is rich and unhappy.

Question No-5: Find the correct passive form of the sentence-“I saw him reading a book”

  1. I saw what a book was read by him.
  2. He was reading a book seen by me.
  3. He was seen reading a book by me. (Answer)
  4. He saw him that a book was read.

Question No-6: Choose the correct sentence “You should — swimming”

  1. Start up (Answer)
  2. Take in
  3. Take off
  4. Get up

Question No-7: Fill in the blanks – “I want o hear — how you managed the —- the dog.”

  1. About, to
  2. About, on
  3. About, by
  4. About, with (Answer)

Question No-8: The passive form of “He died of fever” is-

Answer: Fever was caused him to die of.

Question No-9: Choose the correct word to complete the sentence “I worked hard all day long and —- tired in the afternoon.”

Correct Answer: grew

Question No- 10: “I don’t know the way. Do you?”-Mother said. The indirect speech of this sentence is-

Answer: Mother said whether I would know the way.

Question No- 11: The correct exclamatory sentence of “The news was very much shocking to her” is-

Answer: how shocking the news was to her!

Question No- 12: Choose the meaning of “Riding for all”.

Answer: To act recklessly.


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