Previous Year English Grammar Questions with Answers

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

It was far — my means.

  1. beyond (Answer)
  2. under
  3. beneath
  4. over

Choose the correct synonym for ‘buccaneer’.

  1. bachelor
  2. presenter
  3. butcher
  4. pirate (Answer)

What does wander mean?

  1. surprise
  2. miracle
  3. hate
  4. walk aimlessly (Answer)

Choose the appropriate sentence.

  1. I shall inform this to your father
  2. I shall inform your father of this (Answer)
  3. I shall inform your father to this
  4. I shall inform this of your father

Choose the appropriate sentence.

  1. His name has been cut off (Answer)
  2. his name has been stroke off
  3. his name has been struck off
  4. his name is cut off

‘Bon Voyage’ means –

  1. Have a sound sleep
  2. Devil`s advocate
  3. Handsome follow
  4. Wish a happy trip (Answer)

The correct antonym for amazing is –

  1. Ordinary (Answer)
  2. Deceitful
  3. Clever
  4. Shocking

Choose the correct analogy of MASON: WALL –

  1. Doctor: cure
  2. Magician: Magic
  3. Stranger: Friendship
  4. Painter: Mural (Answer)

The phrase ‘Bite your tongue’ means –

  1. be well-mannered
  2. be good
  3. be moody
  4. be silent (Answer)

He is fond of playing cricket. Here ‘playing is a –

  1. Participle
  2. Gerund (Answer)
  3. Infinitive
  4. None of these

The lawyer was a con artist. Here ‘con artist’ means –

  1. Cheat (Answer)
  2. Sincere person
  3. Clever
  4. Good for nothing

The antonym of ‘Evasive’ —

  1. Frank (Answer)
  2. Correct
  3. Empty
  4. Fertile

Read the following extract carefully and answer the question that follows: (13-16)

Throughout history, search for salt has played an important role in society. Where it was scarce, salt was traded ounce for ounce with gold. Rome`s major highway was called the via solaria, that is the salt road. Along the road, Romans soldiers transported salt crystals from the salt flats at Ostia up the Tiber river, In return, they received a solarium or salary, which was literally money paid to soldiers to by salt. The old saying ‘Worth their salt’, which means to be valuable derives from the custom of payment during the empire.

What does the passage mainly discuss?

  1. The old saying ‘Worth their salt’.
  2. The Roman Empire
  3. Salt
  4. Ancient Trade (Answer)

According to the passage, salt flats were located in –

  1. Rome
  2. Tiber
  3. Ostia (Answer)
  4. Solaria

Solarium is a Latin word that means –

  1. Salt
  2. Salary (Answer)
  3. Soldiers
  4. The salt road

If man is ‘worth his salt’ he is –

  1. A soldier
  2. A thirsty man
  3. A valuable employee
  4. A highly paid worker (Answer)

In Robert Herrick`s To Daffodils’ apart from human beings, what other things are short lived?

  1. Summer and winter
  2. Summer and rainy season
  3. Summer and morning dew (Answer)
  4. Flowers and animals

Choose correct analogy of “PHILATELIST: STAMPS”

  1. Numismatist: Coins (Answer)
  2. Astrology: prediction
  3. Geneticist: chromosomes
  4. Cartographer: Map

Choose the correct analogy of –

  1. Gainsay
  2. Revive
  3. Revenge
  4. Repeat

The synonym of ‘reiterate’ —

  1. Gainsay
  2. Revive
  3. Revenge
  4. Repeat (Answer)

Report the following in ‘Indirect speech`: He said to me, ‘How did you do it’?

  1. He enquired of me if I had done it.
  2. He enquired of me how I had done it (Answer)
  3. He told me I had done it
  4. He enquired to me that I had done it

Who is known as ‘The poet of Nature’ in English literature?

  1. William Wordsworth (Answer)
  2. Lord Tennyson
  3. John Milton
  4. Robert Frost

Young Rabindranath used to attend the lectures of –

  1. Henry James
  2. Henry Morely
  3. Henry Fielding (Answer)


  1. Henry Longfellow

Which one is to incorrect sentence?

  1. We are not coward.
  2. He answered all my questions.
  3. He was apointed captain.
  4. He reached at home at 9 p.m. yesterday (Answer)

Correct passive form of ‘Apanis writing a letter’ is –

  1. A letter is written by Apan
  2. A letter has been written by Apan
  3. A letter is being written by Apan (Answer)
  4. A letter is writting by Apan

The best sentence is –

  1. You should wear a sweater when you go out
  2. You wear a sweater when you go out
  3. You had better wear a sweater when you go out (Answer)
  4. You had better worn a sweater when you go out

Choose the correct spelling –

  1. Repitition (Answer)
  2. Repeatetion
  3. Repetition
  4. Repeatetion

Neptune uis an extramely cold planet, and –

  1. So does Uranus (Answer)
  2. So has Uranus
  3. So is Uranus
  4. Such is Uranus

‘The Benchfound him guilty’-here Bench’is –

  1. Synecdoche
  2. metonymy
  3. Simile
  4. Metaphor (Answer)

Use correct of verb in the brackets. She insisted that I (go) with her.

  1. Should go
  2. go (Answer)
  3. went
  4. will go

Which of the following is a simple sentence?

  1. He is poor but honest
  2. Though he is poor, he is honest
  3. He is poor and honest
  4. In spite of his proverty, he is honest (Answer)

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions

He comes – a rich family

  1. from
  2. of (Answer)
  3. off
  4. forth

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