Shortcuts android tips

android tips

Set up your keyboard launch shortcuts

Lots of people still like their QWERTY keyboards because of Google’s insertion of the dependable old keyboard shortcut system in Android. This phone has an entirely customizable collection of app launching shortcuts that are found under Settings > Applications > Quick Launch.

Download more Android live wallpapers

Android 2.1 is more swish and exciting than the rather dull earlier versions because of its support for live wallpapers and the animating image format that brings your home screen to life. There is an unimportant battery life hit for doing so but in go back you get a phone that looks fresh.

Easy Zoom

This is a little feature but one that’s fantastic functional if you are using all five of your home screens or a custom user edge that offers more. Allowing you to get from Screen 1 to Screen 5 with no trying a channel into your screen surface, tapping the dots alongside the port at the bottom of the screen brings up a mini thumbnail list of all home screens.

Add a Navigation shortcut to Android

Android 2.1 lets users set up local shortcuts to the maps navigation app. You are capable to choose one of your navigation routes & connect it straight to a shortcut on the home screen creating a one-press launcher for your preferred trip as far as you have one of the newest Google maps updates.

Sign up for a Picasa account

To capture the public’s imagination in the same way as Flickr Google’s online image sharing tool may have unsuccessful but there’s one good reason to index by hand one android 2.1’s 3D gallery be able to auto sync your picture by your Picasa account. Photo sharing works in both ways. So, you will have to disable sync, if you don’t wish for your total web gallery popping up on your phone.

Browser combo button

The Android 2.1 web browser features a smart multi-function button alongside the address bar. When a page is loading it turns into an ‘X’ to cancel loading but once a page has completed it transform itself keen on a bookmark adding up and history administration gizmo. It’s constantly there for you.

Android web history shortcut

You can rapidity up browsing by hold down the back key. This is the shortcut to your net history. Perfect for navigating those multifaceted browsing sessions and also cuts down on avoidable reloading.

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