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The correct spelling is:

  1. Instuishon
  2. Intusion
  3. Intuition (Answer)
  4. Intution

Since I — for our lunch, I — to attract waiter’s attention.

  1. Paid, tried (answer)
  2. Pay, tried
  3. Paid, will be trying
  4. Was paying, tried

The antonym of ‘sporadic’ is-

  1. Frequent (answer)
  2. Occasional
  3. Intermittent
  4. Isolated

We have to —— our political differences and come together to —- a joint fight against poverty and corruption.

  1. Cover, venture (answer)
  2. Mend, prevail
  3. Rise over, pull off
  4. Transcend, lead

Teaching can be a tough job, particularly when you have to —-aggressive and unruly students.

  1. Cope on
  2. Deal with (answer)
  3. Handle to
  4. Work out

Illuminates means

  1. Brighten (answer)
  2. Deviant
  3. Illegal
  4. Deceptive

When ——- here?

  1. Have you get
  2. Did you get (answer)
  3. You get
  4. Had you get

Why ——- return the money?

  1. You did not
  2. You
  3. Did you not (answer)
  4. You didn’t

High school student should not be ——- as being immature or native.

  1. Taught
  2. Categorized (answer)
  3. Helped
  4. Directed

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity ———- the foundation of the possibility of the time travel.

  1. Will lay
  2. Laying
  3. Laid (answer)
  4. Lay

Although the telescope ———–into get space in space in 1990, its inception was almost a half –century.

  1. Launched
  2. Launching
  3. Was launched (answer)
  4. Launch

I———-at six o’clock, but to be up five.

  1. Normally get up—I have sometime
  2. Normally get up — sometimes I have (answer)
  3. Get normally up—sometimes
  4. Get normally up—I sometime have

There is still no way to wholly escape——— the effects on the layers of gases enveloping.

  1. In
  2. Of
  3. From (answer)
  4. at

The 32000-word novel ‘Time Machine’—-H.G.Wells, popularized time travel.

  1. Into
  2. Of
  3. By (answer)
  4. Also

The U.S. congress restored the Medal of Honor that was first presented in 1965 to a women———– name, few of us have heard.

  1. Which
  2. Whom
  3. Whose (answer)
  4. Who

Mary Eary Edwards walker was a surgeon———- fighter for women’s rights.

  1. With
  2. And (answer)
  3. Of
  4. also

Because of discrimination ——women, she was required to work as a nurse rather than a doctor.

  1. For
  2. Of
  3. Against (answer)
  4. With

A good teacher is one who can help his student —- errors in their work and suggest ways to —— them.

  1. Identify, rectify (answer)
  2. Commit, overcome
  3. Eliminate, perpetuate
  4. Find, resist

We need to do more to —– the poor flood victims.

  1. Reach out to
  2. Make up for (answer)
  3. Live up to
  4. Put up to

In some countries much of the natural environment has been transformed —-farmland —- a subsequent loss of species richness.

  1. Into, with (Answer)
  2. Out of , along with
  3. Away from, resulting from
  4. Into, as a result of

We — a cat, but one day it just disappeared.

  1. Have
  2. Used to have (Answer)
  3. Would have
  4. Do have

Student should learn, in an environment —- pressure and with the freedom to choose what they want to learn.

  1. Regardless of
  2. Devoid of (Answer)
  3. Deprive of
  4. Soaked in

—- the importance of zoos as tourist attractions, until recently there has been little research to investigate the nature, attitudes and motivation of zoo visitors.

  1. Despite (Answer)
  2. Although
  3. In pite
  4. Given

I haven’t been feeling very well —–.

  1. Of late
  2. Not long ago
  3. Currently
  4. By now (Answer)

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