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Interesting information in English
By the end of this lesson you will have some most important and interesting topics of English. Although this lesson is not included in your text curriculum but these information is so much useful for any students

Who is called student? What does students refers? Answer: STUDENT means:- S= Study, T= Truthfulness, U= Unity, D= Diligence, E= Efficiency, N= Nobility and T= Training
Pen means= Power enriched nib.
What is the full meaning of NEWS? Answer: NEWS= N= North E= East W= West S= South.
What is the full meaning of SMART? Answer: SMART= S= Sincere, M= Meritorious, A= Amiable, R= Reliable and T= Time bound.
Cricket= C = Courageous R= Regularity I= Intelligent C= Conscious K= Keenness E= Energy T= Time bound
Do you know which the shortest sentence in English is? Yes, that is: “I am”.
Give some example of words without vowel. Answer: My By Cry Try Sky Shy Fry Fly etc.
Which is the largest word without vowel? Answer: Rhythm.
There are only two words where 5 vowels are in serially. They are: abstemious and facetious.

Some common word and their full meaning:

Cold = Chronic obstructive lung disease;
Chess = Chariot horse elephant soldiers;
Joke = Joy of kids entertainment
Eat = Energy and taste;
Date = Day and time evolution;
Aim = Ambition in life;
Tea = Taste and energy admitted
Smile = Sweet memories in lips expression;
Bye = Be with you every-time
Love= L= Loss   O= Of  V= Valuable  E= Energy
Wife=W= Wonderful   I= Item F= For E= Enjoy
Husband= H= Helpful U= Useful S= Smart B= But A= At  N= Night D= Dangerous
Police= P= Polite O= Obedient L= Loyal  I= Intelligent C= Courageous  E= Energy
SMS= Short Message Service.
*** Q formatted word has U after the Q. Example: Quiet, quick, quarrel, quit etc.

*** Dreamt is the only word in English which is ended by mt.


There are some words those are unchangeable. Example: Racecar, kayak, level, madam etc. If you read those from left to right or right to left they will be the same word. It is called palindromes.

Roman to English number:

I =1-one

II = 2- two

III = 3- three

V = 5- five

X=10 – ten

L = 50 – fifty

C = 100 – hundred

D = 500 – five hundred

M = 1000 – one thousand

Why 80 marks are called letter marks?

Answer: In English alphabet,

L is 12th letter. So, L = 12

E is 5th letter. So, e = 5

T is 20th letter. So t = 20

R is 18th letter. So r = 18

Now calculate the total numbers. That means-

L + e + t + t + e + r

= 12 + 5 + 20 + 20 + 5 + 18

= 80

So, 80 marks are called “Letter marks”. Letter marks was the previous evaluation system of education in most of the countries of the world. Now-a-days, exam results are published in grading system in many countries.

Remember English spelling using some easy techniques:

Lieutenant- Lie  u  ten  ant
Restaurant- Rest a u r ant
Psychology- Psy cholo gi cal
Miscellaneous- Mis cell aneo us
Assassination- Ass ass I nation
Questionnaire- Question nai re
Diarrhoea/Diarrhea- Dia rr hoea/hea
Mymensingh- My men sing h
When two and two makes five?


-20 = -20

or, 16 -36 = 25 – 45

or, 16 -36 + 81/4 = 25 – 45+ 81/4

or, 4² – 2.4.9/2 + (9/2) ² = 52 -2.5.9/2 + (9/2) ²

or, (4-9/2)2 = (5- 9/2)2

or, 4 – 9/2 = 5 – 9/2

or, 4 = 5

or, 2 + 2 = 5

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