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Wonderful Technology is Waiting For 2018-2040

Hello, dear readers do you have any interest in future technology? If yes then I am going to present some technology prediction of the greatest scientists in the world.

What will be in future?

The year 2018

Two important technological changes may occur. 1st: World’s first space hotel may be established in the space. ‘Russian space group energy’ is working for this goal with the help of America. 2nd: a Holographic versatile disk of 200 DVD capacities will substitute the blue ray disk.

The year 2019

Teleportation of compound molecules will be possible.

The year 2020

1st: Scientist will be able to dig the center of the ground. 2nd: Computer will be able to calculate 1000000000000000000 calculations at once. 3rd: Every machine or electronics which we use in our daily life will be able to connect to internet by dint of RFID chief. 4th:100 GB/Sec data transferring device will substitute the USB 3.0. 4th: Spinner cord injury will remove within a moment by dint of steam sell technology. 5th: International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor will run which will be capable to make unlimited energy to eradicate pollution.

The year 2021

One: The number of internet users will be 5 billion all over the world. Two: Brain-machine Interface Technology. That means when you will think anything, automatically it will be written. Three: Holographic television will reach every home. Four: Microchips will be as like as an atomic size. (4nm). Five: All body of a man can be made and substituted by the stem cell.

Years 2022-2026

  • Waterproof cloth and self-cleaning carpet will be discovered by dint of nanotechnology.
  • New teeth will grow on the place of dropped teeth instead of fake teeth.
  • 1 Petabyte (1024 terabyte) memory card will be introduced.
  • ‘Cancer’ will eliminate by nanobot without any operation.
  • Skyscrapers will be made with the auto ecosystem, vertical farming will start.
  • A computer will be equal to the human brain.
  • Man’s age limit will increase.

The Year of 2026-2040

First: Wireless electricity will substitute electric cable. There will not fear of electric shock. Losing hand or leg can be reproduced by the stem cell. Second: artificial intelligence will reach human skill. Third: Weather forecast will be 99.99% correct. Forth: Exabyte (1024*1024 terabyte) data storage will introduce. Fifth: Man will step first on Mars. Sixth: Quantum computing will start. Seventh: It will be possible to completely escape from Alzheimer disease. Finally: It will be possible to teleport complex molecule as like as DNA.

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