Tips and tricks for android phones

Tips for android phones

Activate speakerphone

It’s not exacting user responsive having to press the Menu button while making a call but you if you do so you’re capable to choose the speakerphone option plus other calling features

Delete fat Android apps

If you’re running little on internal memory space then apps are able to sort by size and large ones binned to build space. Head off to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications and push Menu to clean them by memory utilize.

“Never heard of her”

If you want to remove the entire mentions of ex-partners from your phone then the dictionary can be edited. Go to Settings – Language and Keyboard – User Dictionary to clean up your typing history.

Facebook your Contact photos

It’s possible to automatically pull in photos for your contacts through Facebook if you merge Android with the official Facebook Android app. You are also capable to make a definite Facebook Phonebook folder on the home page, keeping internet and appropriate friends divide.

Manage your Android call log

It’s really simple to delete personal items from Android’s log of made and received calls. Just long-press on an item and delete it.

Download web images

Long-pressing on it lets you download it to your phone if you have seen one of those funny photographs on the internet and it’ll pop up in your Gallery for simple sharing.

Keep the screen on while charging

It’s often useful to have the screen stay on all the time, particularly if you have a tendency to recharge your phone all night and use one of the fancy apps that turn your phone into a good 1980s clock radio. Go to Settings > Applications > Development and notify the display to stay on whilst charging. Just don’t tell your conservationist friends you’re blazing through electricity like this.

Android recent apps list

Holding down the Home button bring up the Android equal to your most newly used apps list. If you have just quit something by mistake it beats paging through the phone

Lock your phone

Setting an unlock pattern adds an extra safety to your phone. Just bear in mind to clean the tell-tale finger smears from the screen.

Practice your robot voice

Android 2.1 has features of voice input for each text field that is nice even if the delay for processing and frequently rather left field results mean it’s generally faster to just bite the bullet and type thing. Keep in mind to say ‘comma’ to tell it to put in a comma, full stop.

Search web pages

If you can’t be disturbed reading the thing correctly as the author deliberate, Menu > More > Find on Page lets you search for definite text terms on web pages.

Add words to the Android dictionary

This is such a helpful attribute it ought to be screamed about via a label on the phone while you get it out of the box. If you have been laboring throughout life with a complex to spell surname then type it once into your Android phone’s text field.

Change Android browser font size

From the similar menu, you are also capable to choose your browser font size. Your individual ultimate settings will differ depending on a pledge, display size, and eyesight but a small number of minutes getting it set up so pages are immediately readable will save many hours of resizing over the upcoming years.

Set your double-tap zoom level

You can take more control of your web browsing zoom with the browser’s settings page on phones that don’t support multi-touch zooming. If you wish for the page to take off exact into acute close up while you double tap the screen then change your view to ‘Close’, or leave it to ‘Far’ if you are pleased to have text only cropping in a tiny closer when you double tap.

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