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What is outsourcing?

Different company’s works of the developed country are done by a team or contractor with the help of internet. This system is called outsourcing.

In the developing country, the hourly rate is very low than developed country. So the client/ buyer become interested to hire them. As Bangladesh is a developing country, so Bangladesh is developing in the outsourcing sector. Not only company but also personally outsourcing job can be done. Generally, this job is published by a website. Different website publishes outsourcing works.

There are many outsourcing job publisher company. Among them is most popular. In this website you will get tons of job post. At first you have to be a member in this company. Then select a special job for apply according to your skills. In fact, that person gets an invitation who bid for low rate. If you have related skill you must get that job. In this online job system interview is compulsory. Client at first invites the contractor. Contractor needs to accept the invitation. These jobs are two kinds. These are:

  1. Hourly and
  2. Fixed price

The payment will be made in dollar. Not in your local currency. But you can withdraw this dollar via your local currency. Standard charges will be applied for per withdrawal.

Hourly job:

Hourly job is guaranteed for payment. You will get paid for every hour. You must ‘on’ your time tracker. If you have no time tracker, you can easily download it from that website. Then install it to your computer. Use user name and password to login. Everything will be track in every moment. You client will be able to view your work diary via time tracker. If your time tracker stay idle, you have to delete that diary otherwise you have to refund money.

Fixed price job:

Fixed price job has no as more rule as hourly job. But the negative point is that fixed price job is not guaranteed for payment. It’s depending on the clients contented. If buyer refuses your work, you cannot expect for payment. For fixed price job time tracking is optional. Even you can do your job in offline. But you can’t do hourly job in offline.

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