Varsity Admission Suggestion with Answer

By the end of the lesson you will have-

  • Question and answer from English grammar
  • Admission suggestion with answer

Select the correct meaning of the following idioms and phrases:

At the spur of the moment –

  1. Difficult moment
  2. Without delay
  3. Great moment (Right Answer)
  4. Beautiful moment

Break the ice –

  1. To do something with courage
  2. To speak first after long silence
  3. To win a prize
  4. To win someone’s heart (Right Answer)

Crocodile tears –

  1. False sorrow (Right Answer)
  2. Cry coldly
  3. Carry out
  4. To finish

Maiden speech –

  1. Last speech
  2. Early speech
  3. Final speech
  4. First speech (Right Answer)

The last straw –

  1. Small amount of money
  2. Very light thing
  3. Last relative alive (Right Answer)
  4. Small but additional burden

Select the appropriate preposition to fill in the gap of the following sentence (26-30).

I count – your help.

  1. On
  2. Upon (Right Answer)
  3. For
  4. After

My uncle was afflicted – a serious illness.

  1. To
  2. With
  3. By (Right Answer)
  4. On

The manager acceded – the workers proposal.

  1. To (Right Answer)
  2. With
  3. For
  4. On

When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books — the table.

  1. Off
  2. From
  3. Cut (Right Answer)
  4. Of

Select the correct form of verbs given in the bracket.

Why did not you tell me you were having so many problems?” ” I (tell) you, but I figured you have enough to worry about without my problems, so said nothing.”

  1. Would tell (Right Answer)
  2. Would have told
  3. Would be telling
  4. Had told

I am sleepy today. I wish I (take) Tanmoy to the airport late last night.

  1. Didn’t have to take
  2. Weren’t taking
  3. Hadn’t had to take
  4. Didn’t take (Right Answer)

If I have following that other car too closely, I would have been able to stop in time instead of running into it.

  1. Hadn’t been (Right Answer)
  2. Haven’t been
  3. Would have been
  4. Will have

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